Where do I start?

Regretably Justine Mallinson, our assessor/co-ordinator, has left, having been head-hunted for ‘the job of her dreams’. We are now taking registrations again, but are unlikely to be able to carry out further assessments till mid-July.

Email us (retrofit@brutontown.com), or if you are ready to register fill in our Get Started Form. Tom, our project officer will get back to you to find out more about you and your home and talk you through when and how we can help.

Get started!

The GET STARTED form takes about 20 minutes to complete. It asks detailed questions about your property and its heating and insulation. Because it’s a Google Form, you can’t save and return to complete the rest of it later: it needs to be completed and submitted in one sitting. You may want to download a copy to think through your answers before you start.

You don’t have to complete the form in full to receive a service, but it helps us if you do, and you may also find it helpful as preparation for the home assessment.

Start now.

Download a pdf copy.

No information is shared with Bruton Town Council until you click submit at the end of the form.

The information is stored by Bruton in an electronic database accessible only to the Retrofit Assessor / Co-ordinator, the Retrofit Project Officer, the database owner and the IT manager. (Bruton being a small Council the latter two are both Town Councillors. They will only access the information if there are technical problems with the form, the database or the IT system).

If you choose to progress to a home assessment and retrofit plan, information about your property’s current energy performance will be lodged with the Energy Performance of Buildings Register. This is the national register for England and Wales holding all Energy Performance Certificates. It contains information about your property, but no personal information about you. (If your property has been bought, sold, or rented since 2007 information about it will already be on the register).

Who, where, and how much does it cost?

The service is for owners of homes in the following parishes. Retrofit Bruton and Cary does not operate outside these parishes. The service is available to private landlords: see additional information below. We will always let you know exactly what you will pay at the start of your home assessment.

Bruton Town Council subsidises the service for owner-occupier residents of Bruton and its neighbouring parishes, but does not subsidise for other owners (eg of second homes), or for other parishes.

Informal advice (a telephone discussion) is free across the area. A one-off £10 registration fee will be charged to move on to a home assessment.

A charge of £150 per additional half day will apply across the area for home assessments and retrofit plans for larger properties (four bedrooms and/or 150 square metres and over), and for any further work undertaken.

Homeowners will meet the cost of any lodging fees (for example it currently costs £24 to lodge a Retrofit Plan with Trustmark… likely to be a condition of attracting any government grants, but not necessary for the work to go ahead). Homeowners will also meet the full cost of any additional specialist assessments needed (such as air-tightness testing). On request we will issue an Energy Performance Certificate alongside a Home Assessment or Retrofit Plan, (or at a later stage) for £60.

Subsidised parishes

(£10 registration fee, with additional charges for larger properties, applies to resident owner-occupiers only)

Charlton Musgrove
Milton Clevedon
Shepton Montague
Upton Noble

Unsubsidised parishes

(£10 registration fee, £100 for a home assessment, £250 for a retrofit plan, additional charges for larger properties)

Castle Cary
North Barrow
North Cadbury
South Barrow

All private landlords pay the £10 registration fee, and additional charges for larger properties. The subsidised service is available to landlords who meet all of the following conditions:

  • The property is in a subsidised parish
  • Its current EPC rating is D or poorer
  • The property is let on leases of six months or longer

For all other private landlords, including holiday and other short-term lets, a home assessment costs £100 and a retrofit plan £250.

Step one: home assessment

We will visit and carry out a detailed survey of your whole house, to find out everything about your existing energy usage and the building itself. We will also want to understand your retrofit goals, and whether you have other work planned which retrofit work could integrate with (such as a new kitchen or extension).

Occasionally, additional specialist assessments will be needed, such as air-tightness testing. We will advise about suitable professionals, but not carry out this work.

The assessment will take a minimum of two hours (longer for larger and more complex properties). To conduct a thorough and professional assessment we will need to go everywhere and photograph everything!

To prepare for the assessment, please have ready twelve months of utility bills. It will also be helfpul to have any plans of your property that are available, and documentation relating to your heating system, double-glazing etc.

We will draw a detailed floor plan, and look in detail at the construction of your property and your heating system. We will also look at its condition (damp, defective guttering and downpipes, ventilation grills, render and roof condition, extractor fans etc).

We will record access issues, shading and solar gain and the impact of any extensions and conservatories.

We will review and record actual energy usage data.

Finally we will discuss your particular issues with the property, ie the things that you want to see addressed, and your future plans.

Step two: retrofit plan

Following our visit we will draw up a condition survey and a bespoke retrofit plan for your home. This will detail all the measures you could take to make your home as energy efficient as possible. It will also give recommendations on which are the most cost-effective measures, and the best order to do things in, taking into account your budget, goals and plans.

Step three: guidance on specifying and taking the work forward

Your retrofit plan will include advice about taking the work forward. Additional advice will depend on your property, and the kind of work it needs, but could include advice about what further professional assistance you may need (eg for specifying the work or project management) and how to choose the right contractors for the work.

Bruton Town Council is not able to recommend specific contractors.

PAS 2035: 2019 is the over-arching document in the retrofit standards framework for domestic properties. It was introduced to to raise standards in both the design and installation of energy-efficiency measures (including assessing and stipulating a whole building ventilation stratety). This is intended to ensure that the measures are appropriate for the construction type of your property, and will perform as expected.

Your Retrofit Plan will be prepared to PAS 2035 standards, and all her work with you will be undertaken in accordance with the standards.

Registration under PAS 2035 is likely to be an essential pre-condition of any future government grant for retrofit work, but is not essential if you are funding the project yourself. We will talk through the advantages and disadvantages of registration when you meet. The choice will be yours.

For any work on your property to be registered as meeting these standards, the Retrofit Plan will need to be lodged with Trustmark and the fee paid (currently £24). The work will need to be designed by a suitably qualified retrofit designer (usually an architect) in conjuction with a qualified retrofit co-ordinator, and undertaken by contractors who are certified under PAS 2030: 2019. At the moment few local contractors have the required certification.

Retrofit Bruton and Cary does not pay for the work on your property or offer financial assistance with the work. We will help identify other sources of assistance. Please see our Paying for the Work page for more information.