Many people want to improve their homes by using less energy, reducing their bills, cutting carbon emissions, and transforming cold, neglected rooms into well-used spaces.

But it’s not always easy to know where to start. What are the right measures for my home? What should I do first? What will it cost? How can I find a trustworthy contractor?

Retrofit Bruton and Cary is here to help homeowners in Bruton, Castle Cary and immediately neighbouring parishes. Justine Mallinson, our professionally qualified and experienced retrofit assessor co-ordinator, will give clear, impartial advice and support to help you plan and deliver exactly the right improvements for you and your home.

Where do I start?

Find out more about how we can help you reduce your home’s energy bills and carbon footprint, and improve its comfort.

Our project

Read about retrofit and why Retrofit Bruton and Cary was set up.

Technical stuff

Information about insulation, ventilation, low-carbon heating, and how all three can work together to deliver warm, heathly and comfortable homes that don’t waste energy.

Who we are

Largely funded by a grant from Somerset County Council’s Climate Emergency Community Fund, and delivered by Bruton Town Council, Bruton and Cary Retrofit is a partnership between Bruton Town Council, the Centre for Sustainable Energy, One Planet Bruton and Greener Cary.